Friday, April 16, 2010

Why do we wait for an event to cleanup our cities...

Another gripe...

Hopefully I can post something positive next or else I would have change my blog from Raj's Musings to Raj's Gripes..

This one is universal all around the world. I used to live in Delhi during Asian Games that were held in Delhi in 1982. The city went through a major cleanup drive. I was in Atlanta during the Olympics in 1996 and the same story then. The I saw reports come through Beijing during their Olympics cleanup and just now witnessed Delhi cleaning up for the common wealth games this fall.

I'm not talking infrastructural improvements which one can understand that new folks coming in could have an impact on the infrastructure. I'm talking about basic civic amenities like cleaning of the streets, replacing worn out street lights, plating trees etc... and the list goes on. I guess our governments do not think that citizens deserve these amenities.


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